(My Diary) Seven Things I've Loved Lately

September 11, 2012

Taking a page from the book of one of my favourite bloggers, Valentine, I've put together another Seven Things post, this time focussed on a seven (of the hundreds) of things I've loved since we arrived in Paris.

Toujours copieuse de l’une de mes bloggeuses préférées, Valentine, je vous offre aujourd’hui une petite collection de sept choses (parmi les sans doute centaines) que j’ai aimé dès mon arrivée à Paris. 

1. The best going-away present from my BFFFFF - a monogram necklace with my blog initials, C&V
Le meilleur cadeau d’adieu de mon BFFFFF – un collier monogramme avec le paraphe de mon blog, C&V

2. Paying a visit to one of my favourite restaurants [Pitzman], ordering my favourite dish and finding that it hasn't changed a bit!
Rendre visite à un de mes restaurants préféré [Pitzman], commander mon plat préféré, et trouver que le gout n’a pas du tout changé

3. Achieving a big blogger goal - being featured in a magazine! Huge thanks to Framework Magazine 
Atteindre un grand but de bloggeuse – paraître dans un revue ! Un gros merci à Framework Magazine

4. Walking on Parisian cobblestones in pretty flats courteosy of YesWalker.com
Marcher sur les pavés de Paris en portant des jolies ballerines via YesWalker.com

5. Impromptu visits to one of Paris' most famous patisseries Laduree
Visiter, à l’improviste, un des pâtisseries les plus connus de Paris – Ladurée

6. Decorating my new Parisian apartment with a pretty print courteosy of I See Noise
Décorer mon nouvel appartement parisien d’une jolie gravure via I See Noise

7. Celebrating our second wedding anniversary - in the same place that we celebrated our engagement!
Fêter notre deuxième anniversaire de mariage – dans le même endroit où nous avons fêté nos fiançailles !


  1. The monogram necklace is so incredibly gorgeous! Seems like you're spending magical moments, I'm really happy for you :)

  2. that necklace is so wonderful. and such a thoughtful gift.

    I love the Rachel Zoe Quote and congrats on being featured!

    Looking forward to all of your other great Paris adventures

    Also I do have a favour to ask a fellow fashion blogger can you vote for me to be the Ottawa, Canada Fashion blogger for one of our malls here?

    Thank you!

    1. You have my vote, Nini - hope you won!

  3. It's so wonderful that you can celebrate your second anniversary in the same place as you celebrated your engagement - that's really sweet. And I just love that monogrammed necklace, it's such a great piece.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  4. Congrats on the mag! and that necklace is amazing!


  5. Happy for you that life's so good to you! Enjoy!!
    Style Lounge

  6. Nice Post!!!
    Congratulations!!I Hope you will be always together!!

  7. Congrats! Thats so great!

  8. Aww I love these photos!! Rachel's quote is BUH-NANAs.. and I love that monogram necklace!


  9. So nice to read 7 things you're happy about. I love those flats!

  10. Aw, celebrating your wedding anniversary in the same spot?! How cute is that, a big congrats to you & Ian! And my goodness, the food looks incredible Cee, oh Europe, I'm certain I'd gain a ton if I visited. Love this post and all of the pretty things that have you feeling inspired! xo V

  11. Awwww this Paris-themed post is soooo lovely!!!


  12. gorgeous post Cee! that necklace is beautiful! I'm so jealous of you living in Paris.. one day!

    Hope you're well! I wanted to email you soon actually- if I get a chance to then I will tonight!



  13. sooooooooo, Topher totally outdid himself with your gorgeous necklace! what a keepsake, very-very special!! massive congrats on the feature Cee, that's really cool lades and i adore your 7 assorts.

    be careful though, all those self induced pinches might end you up looking a bit dalmatian-esque ;) baha, kidding aside - i know i'd be almost on the verge of happy tears every day. you're SO lucky, live it up! xo ♥

  14. Congrats on your anniverary and feature in the mag!!

  15. Simply perfect! Cee, I am so happy for you :D Congratulations on your magazine feature. It is awesome!

  16. hey girl!! happy anniversary! :)
    and congrats on the feature! loved it!! i've definitely been known to buy the same sweater/tshirt/scarf/etc in lots of different colors! haha

  17. That monogrammed necklace is a truly lovely leaving present Cee. Congratulations on your magazine feature too - much deserved, you remain one of my favourite blogs to visit and catch up with your antics!


  18. Thank-you so much for all of your comments, my darlings!


Thank-you! Love you all <3

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