(Travel Diary) Berlin

October 12, 2012

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Berlin, Germany
Excelsior Hotel Berlin
Vapiano  |  KaDeWe Cafe Bar
East Side Gallery  |  Die Neues Museum  |  The Berlin Zoo  |  TV Tower

coco and vera, top vancouver travel blog, berlin, germany, nikolaiviertel, saint nicholas church, travel guide, historic berlin
coco and vera, top vancouver travel blog, berlin, germany, museum, architecture, city view, travel guide
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coco and vera, top vancouver travel blog, berlin, germany, east side gallery, berlin wall, graffiti, street art, berliner mauer
coco and vera, top vancouver travel blog, berlin, germany, travel guide, tv tower, flower
coco and vera, top vancouver travel blog, berlin, germany, travel guide, tourist, architecture, historic berlin

The city of Berlin is most known for its infamous history, but the German capital has far more to offer tourists than a comprehensive tour of Hitler’s old stomping grounds. Berliners hide nothing – the whole city seems to exist as a sort of living museum, with everything terrible detail on the display, so that no one, especially the Berliners themselves, can ever forget the horrors perpetrated by the few acting as the voice of the many. The border between East and West Berlin still exists. But in spite of its conflicted past, the city is full of beauty, both natural and artistic. The palpable emotion of the East Side Gallery, a section of the former Berlin wall, was truly touching. The more traditional museums house Egyptian, baroque and, thanks to the forty years that the United States Army spent posted in Berlin, American collections. Some monuments stand firm as though the war never happened – Brandenburg Gate, and Nikolaikirche, for example. The Germans have rebuilt others exactly as they once were, including the adorable medieval village of Nikolaiviertel. Even the sewer grates have a story to tell!

La ville de Berlin est plutôt connue pour son histoire infâme, mais la ville capitale de l’Allemagne offre beaucoup plus aux touristes qu’une tournée compréhensive des endroits préférés d’Hitler. Les Berlinois ne cachent rien – la ville entière semble exister en état d’exhibition perpétuelle, pour que personne, surtout les Berlinois eux-mêmes, puisse oublier les horreurs commis par la minorité au nom de la majorité. La frontière entre Berlin-Ouest et Berlin-Est existe toujours. Mais malgré son passé difficile, la ville est pleine de beauté, soit naturelle, soit artistique. L’émotion palpable du East Side Gallery m’a beaucoup touché. Les musées plus traditionnels comprennent des collections Egyptiennes, baroques, et, grâce aux quarante ans pendant lesquelles l’armée des Etats-Unis avait des postes à Berlin, Americains. Certains monuments se tiennent comme si la guerre n’a jamais eu lieu – la porte de Brandenbourg et l’Eglise Saint-Nicolas. Les Allemands ont reconstruit certains autres exactement comme ils étaient auparavant, y inclus le village médiéval de Nikolaiviertel. Même les grilles d’égouts racontent une histoire !


  1. so much fun, love how often you get to travel and report back to your readers now that you are living in Paris!

    Happy weekend,

    xo Cara

  2. Great shots!!! It sounds like a great experience to go and soak in the history. I would love to visit there eventually

  3. Cee, those pictures are awesome! Berlin is bursting at the seams with history. I know it was really interesting to see everything. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Love your photos! I went to Berlin ages ago (it seems), and your photos make me want to visit again!

  5. beautiful photos Cee, it is a great city! xoxo

  6. I've heard such wonderful things about Berlin. I think I really need to visit. These pictures look great.

  7. I am admittedly envious of your trip to Berlin - one of my best friends lives there and I have to say rather sheepishly that in spite of that, I have never actually been! Love all of these wonderful photos.

  8. Cee, I'm glad that you enjoyed your birthday w-e in Berlin! I had the chance to visit this city once and I was impressed by its immense space and, as you wrote it beautifully, there is art and history at every corner. I find it fascinating and I hope to come back soon. Take care! Caterina PS: Did you buy anything at the last Les Composantes sale?!

  9. Looks like you are on a trip all over Europe! I've never been to Berlin myself, but heard that the city has a lot to offer culturally. Enjoy!
    Style Lounge

  10. This would be such a cool place to visit. I am definitely a little envious. Did you see any Rugby schnauzers...?! It is after all his homeland :)

    1. I saw no Shnauzers! Very disappointing :( Lots of other adorable dogs, though.

  11. Berlin is one of those places still on my to-travel-to list cee. A friend of mine with artist connections goes there a lot and she tells me the galleries are amongst the best in Europe. Apparently the bar scene is lively too - I will be back for recommendations if I visit, I need to get some European travel in in the the near future as I am feeling homesick!


  12. coolest ever! i've always wanted to go to Berlin!! Cee, you're living the dream lades, living the DREAM!!! what a great post, getting to see bits and pieces from your travels is such a wonderful experience. only thing missing is to sit beside you and hear the stories 1st hand. oh how great that'd be :) and Jean Reno!!!!!!!!!!!! oh how i adore him, ever since The Big Blue i've followed his films like a hawk. one of my all-time faves, rad to see him featured on the graffiti wall. such amazing architecture everywhere! xo ♥

  13. I have to say I have enjoyed your recent fashion posts but this post is a work of art. I love how you set it up and then given information in a notes like section of a historical paper. Okay...or I may just be a huge academic nerd. Whichever this is great stuff!


  14. Love Berlin. I was there this summer and it was fantastic. You definitely captured the harsh beauty of the city in your photos!

    Kate - petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  15. Thank-you so much for stopping by and leaving such thoughtful comments, darlings!


Thank-you! Love you all <3

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