(Travel Diary) Rome

October 5, 2012

Rome, Italy
Hotel Una
Fior di Pizza  |  Il Gelatone  |  Ristorante Alessio
La Sella   
The Colosseum  |  Palatine Hill  |  Fontana di Trevi

There is so much to love in Rome. The city exceeded every one of my expectations, surprising me with unexpected beauty around every corner and at the bottom of every hill. I was particularly enamoured with the way the modern and ancient harmoniously co-exist in the city, from the baroque beauty of the Trevi Fountain to the crumbling opulence of Palatine Hill. Saint Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican was a feast for the eyes, all gold and glitter, punctuated by intricate carvings. The Colosseum and Forum appeal to an entirely different sensibility; a sort of community with history and peoples past. The Temple of the Vestals, dedicated to women, was particularly touching in a place otherwise completed devoted to men. And of course, we can’t forget that Rome is a fashion capital, full of gorgeous architecture, life-size versions of my favourite fall fashion campaigns and even an homage to one of my favourite films.   .        

Rome… il y a tellement de choses à aimer. La ville a dépassé toutes mes attentes, m’étonnant avec de la beauté inattendu à chaque coin de la rue et au pied de chaque colline. J’ai surtout apprécié la manière par laquelle le moderne et l’ancien coexistent harmonieusement dans la ville, comme la beauté baroque de la fontaine de Trevi et l’opulence délabré de la colline Palatine. La Basilique de Saint-Pierre au Vatican fut un banquet pour les yeux, tout dorée et scintillant, accentuer par des sculptures complexes. Le Colisée et le Forum appellent à une autre sensibilité ; un sens de communauté avec l’histoire et avec l’humanité. Le Temple des vierges, dédié à les femmes au sein d’un lieu autrement complétement dévoué aux hommes, m’a particulièrement touche. Bien sûr, il est aussi important de noter que Rome est une ville capitale de la mode, pleine d’immeubles sensationnels, des versions grandeur nature de mes publicités préférés  et même un cinéma qui rend hommage à un de mes films préférés. 


  1. Gorgeous photos - Rome is such an amazing city...although the last time I was there all the stray cats made me really sad.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  2. Stunning photos! and Im very jealous : ) Great way to spend your birthday!

  3. Ammmazing photos!! I am so jealous because I have never been to Rome, it's definitely high on my list of places to go.

  4. Beautiful photos! So fun that you can travel to so many wonderful places so quickly now that you are living in Paris!
    xo Cara

  5. awesome pics from Rome dear! xoxo

  6. I've always wanted to visit Rome. It looks like such a stunning city.

  7. Rome is stunning, Such beautiful buildings! You have such lovely photos.

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  8. Gorgeous photos!
    Following your adventures is inspiring me to add so many new places to my travel bucket list!

  9. Such lovely photos doll! Roma seems so magical and one day I hope to go! I really hope you had a blast darling!


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  11. I love Rome as well, as I love whole Italy <3 Thank you for sharing these photos with us, it seems like you had a wonderful time in Italy!

    E from Helsinki

  12. whenever i see photos of Italy i get a bit misty about it all. i've been twice before and feel sort of like how you do about Paris. it gets me deep in the heart as a most beloved place. your pictures are grand Cee, so happy you're getting to have these fantastic experiences that will last a lifetime in your own beautiful heart! xo ♥

  13. Another place I have yet to visit! Oh Cee your European travels put me to shame! I have friends in Milan but we have not yet made it down to Rome. A fashion capital indeed - great pictures here!


  14. Thank-you so much for all of your thoughtful comments, mes cheries!


Thank-you! Love you all <3

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