(Outfit Diary) "I learned years ago that the most interesting thing about a dress is the woman wearing it."

October 3, 2012

Timotea jacket, H&M sweater and flats, Mavi jeans, Louis Vuitton bag, La Vie Parisienne earrings and necklace

It was Yves Saint-Laurent who said those famous words. I've found that women, and especially women bloggers (myself included), are often under the mistaken impression that we need to dress differently and never wear the same pieces as their friends. I admit that I often spend hours asking myself, how can I wear this dress/skirt/blouse in an original way? In fact, this isn't at all neccessary - what is interesting about us is not our clothes. It's us! To illustrate this, my lovely friend Steph and I bought the same leather jacket on our trip to Rome. (Well, okay, we also both fell in love with it.) And we wore it at the same time! I'm almost certain that most of you didn't even notice. I'm not being critical, but now you see what I'm trying to explain. You don't always need a new outfit, just a little confidence to wear what feels good. Kisses!

C’est d’Yves Saint-Laurent que viennent ces mots justes. Je trouve que les femmes, et surtout les femmes bloggeuses (moi incluse), ont souvent l’impression qu’elles doivent s’habiller toujours de façon différente et ne jamais porter les mêmes tenues que leurs amies. J’avoue que je passe des heures à me demander, comment porter cette robe/jupe/blouse de façon originelle ? En fait, ce n’est pas du tout nécessaire – ce qui est intéressant en nous, ce n’est pas nos vêtements. C’est nous ! Et alors, mon très jolie amie Steph et moi, nous avons acheté la même perfecto à Rome. Et nous l’avons porté en même temps ! J’en suis presque certaine que la plupart parmi vous n’ont pas même remarqué. Je ne vous critique pas, mais vous voyez maintenant ce que j’essaye d’expliquer. Vous n’avez pas besoin d’une nouvelle tenue, mais tout simplement en peu de confiance-en-soi ! Bisous !


  1. Hi there lovely lady. It's been a while...and what a great post to come back to!
    You know what? At first glance, I had no idea you were donning the same leather! And what a gorgeous jacket it is/they are! ;) You are both looking amazing in your own unique ways.
    I'm nodding to everything you've written here, Cee. You're spot on with the fact that a little bit of confidence can go miles and miles!! Maria x

  2. This quote is amazing!!!
    You two look fabulous, I love the leather jackets.

  3. This is so cute, and no I didn't notice until you mentioned, I went back to the first photo and stared at the sleeves and then I could tell. I wear the same thing over and over and over on my blog (as you know) and sometimes it feels a little guilty or I'm afraid it's boring but I really am wearing it a million times so I like what you've said here. Confidence is key.

    ps. SUPER amazing jacket at that!

  4. I totally agree with you Cee....you guys look great in your motos!!


  5. Oh my goodness, AGREED!! I too seem to bang my head, asking myself how to wear something and be original or different, but lately I'm absolutely gravitating towards items that feel good or just feel me. That said, both of you look terrific here Cee, I adore that you both bought & wore the jackets... and the skinnies + ballet slippers are such a lovely pairing. Hope you're enjoying an amazing day in Paris!! Ah, still can't believe you're there!! xo V

  6. I agree as well! Totally! I mean, every woman IS different, and even if we're wearing some of the same clothes (a lot of us are following the same trends, after all) nothing changes about our personalities. We're not necessarily the same as everyone else. In fact, as you point out, wearing the same or similar clothes can function to further highlight our uniqueness, if we let it!

    Thank you for this lovely advice, Cee! And you both look fabulous - great jacket!

    xo Caroline

  7. I couldn't agree more with You Cee and with Mr. Yves Saint-Laurent.
    When I created my blog I didn't had a job, so I didn't had a money to buy new pieces for every season.
    When I came to Ireland it went in the deepest recession. In my life I never have had time when I wasn't working. Since I remember myself I always was trying to earn money. I wasn't feeling even like personality getting so much rejection.Oh...sorry, it's just so hard to me explain all situation..and I'm getting now emotional, thats why i'm now all over the place. I never have told it in my blog, because I wasn't sure how people would react to it.sorry that I mention it, but what I want to say is that creating my blog I wanted to share that we shouldn't feel less stylish wearing the same things over & over and it's great to have favorite pieces which we have maybe worn 1000 times creating different looks, because we all are so different and unique the same dress or skirt will always look different on each of us.We are wearing clothes not clothes are wearing us.
    You both beautiful ladies are great example with your gorgeous leather jackets.

    xoxo Ra

    p.s. sorry, for all information.

  8. What a wonderful idea! I think using old/same pieces over in different ways is a lovely way to find new outfits or styles that you love, and of course, your personality has a lot to do with that!


  9. i agree Cee! there are so many uses for what we already have. love BOTH of your jackets! :)

  10. I absolutely agree with you! You can change the look of a garment by the way you style & wear it! :)

    And by the way, both of you are rocking that leather jacket in your own stylish ways!!

  11. You girls both look beautiful!

  12. well you both look fantastic in this jacket. I wish I could buy one too and then we could be a threesome of chic lady bloggers.

  13. You two look fabulous in the same jacket but different colors...the hottest 2 colors of the fall season! :)


  14. That's such a great quote. I have friends with the same clothes too and we wear them at the same time. It's kind of fun!

  15. I like when bloggers end up with the same pieces, then you can see more than one way to style it!

    xo Jennifer


  16. oh my gosh, double goodness happening here today! exciting :))) and you're right....i didn't notice. so smart Cee! love the leather looks on each of you. it's amazing how varied an accent piece like a coat becomes when worn by different girls. i usually end up doing searches on Pinterest or something to see all the different ways red pants (for instance) are styled. it just ends up fueling more insp + ideas in my own outfit incarnations.

    brilliance here, love it! xo ♥

  17. I always love hearing your thoughts, darlings! Thanks so much for commenting!


Thank-you! Love you all <3

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