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It’s been a month since we spent two days exploring Victoria – Christmas has come and gone, we’ve rung in the New Year, and yet, it feels like we just got back from our island adventure. I think it’s because, despite being gone for only forty-eight hours, we managed to pack so many activities into our time away. The Magnolia Hotel was the perfect home base – you can read more about it if you’re interested – because it put us within walking distance of the best shopping and attractions, not to mention within steps so many amazing restaurants. We ate so well during our trip, but the meal we had at 10 Acres (which was, conveniently, just next door to the hotel) really stood out. I am, admittedly, not as much of a stickler for food quality as I know I should be – no one who eats Cheetos can really say they give conscious consideration to everything they put in their mouth – but discovering new restaurants is a big part of the joy of travel for me, and I do know that fresh, local food tastes better. In Victoria, the best place to enjoy it is 10 Acres. If you’re more interested in shopping than eating while on holiday, you won’t want to miss the boutiques on Government and Lower Johnson Street – I fell in love with Violette and Little Gold, both of which sell a unique selection of jewelry, stationery and beauty products from different brands. Since, of course, it’s important to stay hydrated no matter what you’re up to when on holiday – and Victoria is such a beautiful city, full of so much fascinating historic architecture, that if you do visit, you will probably just want to spend some time walking around to see everything – I have to recommend a visit to Silk Road Tea: the tea shop is practically a Victoria institution, although they did recently open a shop in Vancouver, as well. If you’re a tea drinker like me, it’s practically heaven; you can find every variety of tea imaginable in the shop, each one as fresh as any tea you’ve likely ever had anywhere in your life. Even if you don’t drink tea often, it’s worth stopping in to learn a bit more about tea from the extremely knowledgeable staff (and to peruse the adorable selection of mugs, too.) When I reflect on our weekend getaway in Victoria, I can’t help but smile at all of our wonderful discoveries – and ask myself why I didn’t make an effort to get there sooner. If you’re visiting the West Coast, I realise that the British Columbian capital may not be at the top of your list as a tourist destination, because it was never at the top of mine – but now that I’ve experienced it myself, I want to tell you all that I think it should be, because you can’t truly get a feel for all that BC has to offer until you’ve visited both Vancouver and Victoria.


Special thanks to Tourism Victoria for hosting us!
Ca fait presque un mois depuis notre week-end à Victoria – nous avons fêté noël, nous avons encore fêté le réveillon du nouvel an et, malgré ça, j’ai l’impression que nous venons de rentrer. Je crois que c’est à cause de combien nous avons pu faire pendant notre séjour, surtout étant donné le fait que nous ne sommes parties que pendant quarante-huit heures. L’Hôtel Magnolia fut le base de départ idéal – vous pouvez en lire plus si ça vous tente – car il se trouve à quelques pas des meilleurs restaurants, boutiques et lieux touristiques de la ville. Nous avons tellement bien mangé pendant notre voyage, mais le repas dont je m’en rappel le plus, c’était chez 10 Acres (qui se trouve juste à côté de l’Hôtel Magnolia.) J’avoue que je ne suis pas maniaque de la qualité de ce que je mange – personne qui mange les Cheetos peut se dire consciente de tout ce qu’elle mange, et moi, j’aime bien les Cheetos. Et cependant, j’adore découvrir des nouveaux restaurants pendant que je voyage et je sais que la cuisine frais et régional, c’est toujours le top. À Victoria, vous ne pouvez pas vous tromper chez 10 Acres. Si vous vous intéressez plus au shopping qu’aux repas, je vous conseille fortement les boutiques dans les rue Government et Lower Johnston – j’ai eu un énorme coup de cœur pour Violette et Little Gold, qui vendent toutes les deux des bijoux et des produits de beauté, mais venant des marques distinctes. Et, bien sûr, c’est essential que vous assurez de vous hydrater, peu importe comment vous passez vos jours – et la ville de Victoria étant tellement jolie et pleine d’immeubles historiques, j’imagine que, comme moi, vous allez vouloir balader afin de tout voir. Pour l’hydratation, je recommande Silk Road Tea : un véritable institution culturelle de la ville, qui vient d’ouvrir une boutique à Vancouver. Si, comme moi, vous aimez le thé, Silk Road Tea est un sorte de paradis ; vous y trouvez toutes les variétés de the que vous pouvez imaginer, toutes fraiches et bio. À vrai dire, même si vous n’avez pas l’habitude de boire du thé, il vaut le coup de visiter la boutique afin d’apprendre un peu au sujet du thé (et de jeter un coup d’œil sur leur immense sélection de mugs.) Ça me fait plaisir de me retourner sur nos deux jour à Victoria et me souvenir de toutes nos découvertes. En réfléchissant, je me demande pourquoi je n’ai jamais visite la ville avant. Si vous prévoyez partir en voyage a la cote ouest canadienne, je vous conseille fortement de planifier des séjours à Vancouver et à Victoria, afin que vous puissiez vivre toutes les belles expériences qu’offre notre région.

Un gros merci à Tourism Victoria pour l’accueil chaleureux !

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  1. There was a shop in Victoria that carried my clothing line (when I still had it; they were actually one of my best retailers) and ever since then I’ve wanted to go. This post certainly reaffirms that wish. (P.S. I like Cheetos too.)

  2. Oh yay, I’ve been so excited for this post!! I can’t wait to check out all your recommended spots + Violette looks absolutely gorgeous!! Mmm, also 10 Acres definitely has my attention… as for Cheetos? Oh my gosh, they are SO good, I’d say your taste buds are fine by my standards!! 😉

  3. Glad you enjoyed Victoria! Beyond the tourist zone, there is a diverse set of neighbourhoods with very local, very special experiences to be had. A good example is the lesser known Oaklands with summer markets every Wednesday, Hillside Centre for shopping and 7 parks … it’s an eay stroll to Fernwood where the Belfry theatre and brilliant foodie finds like Stage and Ca Va Bistro Moderne co-exist on the same corner with a true nieghbourhood pub, the Fernwood Inn. Fairfield has the annual Moss Street Paint-in, Rockland has historic mansions, Government House and Craidarroch Castle, along with the art gallery, village concepts (Cook St Village, Quadra Village, etc.) add colour to the established neighbourhoods and there are brew-pubs and amazing eateries everywhere. 48 hours is a short stay, but now that you’ve “done” the Inner Harbour, I hope you’ll come back and branch out! Happy travels 😉

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