Hold onto your hat

Zara coat (similar)
Sezane cardigan (similar)
Aritzia tee (similar)
Mavi jeans (c/o)
Maison Martin Margiela boots (similar)
APC bag
Lack of Color hat
White House Black Market belt (similar)
Leah Alexandra necklace
Leah Alexandra ring
Leah Alexandra earrings

Sometimes, you get the photos – and sometimes, the photos get you. I’m joking, of course, but there are moments when we’re taking outfits when I have ask myself if I might not be trying just a bit too hard. Case in point: this shoot, which we did in front of my favourite wall in downtown Vancouver – I mean, it’s white marble, what’s not to love? – which just happens to be at the end of a wind tunnel. Wind, as we all know, is a fashion blogger’s mortal enemy. Most days, the wind just gusts a bit more in this spot than it does in the rest of the neighbourhood, effectively giving my hair a bit of extra lift without being disruptive. But the day we snapped these photos was something else entirely – I had to literally hold onto my hat because every time I let it go, it flew right off my head! I’m pretty sure my cardigan didn’t lay flay for a single second, and there were plenty of blooper shots where I was unintentionally baring my midriff because all of my layers of clothing had been blown straight upward. I have no complaints; the whole scenario was more silly than anything and all things considered, I’m really happy with how these shots turned out. But I do have to laugh, sometimes, when I reflect on the things that I’m willing to do to get the perfect photos…

Parfois, vous prenez des photos – and parfois, des photos te prennent. Je plaisante, bien sûr, mais il y a des moments, pendant que je prends des photos, ou je me demande si j’en fait trop. Ce shooting illustre parfaitement mon propos : nous l’avons fait devant mon mur préféré à Vancouver – un mur en marbre blanc, je ne peux que l’aimer – qui se situe au bout d’une soufflerie. Le vent, comme nous le savons, est l’ennemi d’une blogueuse mode. La plupart du temps, il fait tout simplement un peu plus venteux près de ce mur que dans le quartier, ce qui me donne un peu plus de volume aux cheveux mais ne me dérange pas autrement. Mais le jour que nous avons pris ce photos, c’était autre chose – il a fallu que je tiens fort mon chapeau car chaque fois que je lâchais, il s’envolait ! Mon cardigan ne s’est pas pose à plat pendant un seul instant, et nous avons fait plusieurs photos gaffe ou j’exposais involontairement mon ventre. Je n’ai rien à redire ; le scenario était surtout débile et, tout bien considéré, je suis contente des résultats de notre shooting. Et cependant, j’avoue que je ris, des fois, en réfléchissant sur les choses que je suis prête à faire pour mes photos…

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  1. Oh my word, the amount of times my hat has blown off and gone rolling down the street… um, countless!! So these shots definitely got a giggle out of me + I can relate girlfriend!! But we do, what we do! Don’t we?! 😉 Hope your Friday is a fabulous one!! xo

  2. If I knew of a white marble wall nearby, I’d be there all the time! Of course dealing with the wind (especially in the winter!) is rarely fun and always a challenge. Still, at the end of the day, we’ll all say it’s worth it. And just think how lovely of the wind to blow your hair back and let you show off those gorgeous ear crawlers!
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