A Long Walk in Barcelona

Express tank (c/o)
Paige jeans (c/o Shopbop)
Jonak flats (similar)
APC bag
Celine sunglasses
Madewell rings
Keltie Leanne Designs earrings (c/o)

We didn’t plan to visit Barcelona this year. We’ve been there before – Ian had already been twice, in fact. And in my regular life, I am just about the least spontaneous person you’ll possibly meet. But when you find yourself on a continent where a handful of new countries are just a few hours away by plane, it’s hard not to want to take advantage. So, when we got back from Greece, we made the truly spur of moment decision to book another trip – the following week! We made reservations for our trip to Spain just nine days before departure and, honestly, it was a gloriously good decision. Sunshine, sangria, strong coffee and stunning architecture basically made up our four-day getaway, and the whole experience was so relaxing that I left my guard down, agreeing to be photographed in the flat shoes I wore to wander around the city, which, as you all know, almost never happens…! Happy Friday, my lovely friends; I hope whatever the weekend holds for you is wonderful.

Nous n’avions pas prévu de voyager à Barcelona cette année. Nous y avions voyagé avant ; en fait, Ian y a fait deux séjours. Dans ma vie quotidienne, je ne suis pas du tout spontanée. Pas. Du. Tout. Mais étant donné qu’il y a tellement de nouveaux pays à découvrir qui se trouvent à quelques petites heures de vol de Paris, j’ai bien envie d’en profiter. Donc, lorsque nous sommes rentrés d’Athènes, nous avons décidé sur le coup de réserver un autre voyage – la semaine d’après ! Nous avons payé nos billets neuf jours avant notre départ et ce fut une excellente décision. Notre escapade a compris le soleil, la sangria, beaucoup de café et de très belle architecture. J’ai pu me détendre complètement – tellement complètement que j’étais prête à me faire photographier dans mes chaussures plates pendant que nous baladions en ville, malgré le fait qu’on voit combien je suis petite dans de telles chaussures. (Oui, c’est débile mais c’est pour ça que vous me voyez tellement rarement en ballerines !) Bon vendredi, mes belles ; je vous souhaite un week-end plein de bonheur.

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  1. I was going to remark how neat it is to see you in flats – and such fashionable ones to boot (definitely much more so than the sneakers I clunk around in). It sounds like you made a wonderful spur of the moment decision!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Very nice and joyful!
    You make me want to go there!

    When your next trip? Maybe to visit my wonderful Italy!

    Claudia from the sunny Italy!

  3. Loved your slides on insta today and love them here too! They’re such a beautiful addition to your wardrobe, and work so seamlessly as well!! And your trip sounds impeccable in every way possible… although, ours isn’t too shabby either we’ve been enjoying patio weather + lots of wine. Always a good day in my books! 😉 Lastly, love that we share a lack of spontaneity, it’s a rare day, I wander from my well calculated path. Haha!! xo


  4. It is always very fun when you can be just a little bit spontaneous, and even better when beautiful weather follows you there. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want those fabulous mules photographed – they are so cute!
    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Sometimes the trips we do not plan are the best ones we take… loved the shots and how happy you look and of course… the loafers.

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