Cherry Blossoms in Paris

Fashion blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera sitting on a bench wearing a Floriane Fosso tweed dressA green bench under a cherry blossom tree in Paris, captured by travel blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & VeraPortrait of style blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera, wearing a leather jacket and Celine sunglassesFashion blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera walks on Ile de la Cite wearing a Floriane Fosso dress and Le Chateau bootsOutfit details on style blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera, featuring a Chanel handbag and Floriane Fosso dressFashion blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera stands on a bench wearing a Floriane Fosso dress and Chanel bagCupcakes and Cashmere jacket (c/o Shopbop)
Floriane Fosso dress
Le Chateau boots (c/o)
Chanel bag
Celine sunglasses
Strut Jewelry ring (c/o)
Keltie Leanne Designs ring (c/o)
Olive + Piper ring (c/o) (similar)

Somehow, Paris already feels like a lifetime ago. In reality, we returned home two weeks ago as of midnight tonight. I feel like I’ve spent most of those two weeks curled up on the couch reading. But in reality, we’ve been busy. We bought a condo five days after we arrived. Ian started a new job this week, so spends his evenings cooking for strangers instead of me – back to reality! (I’m kidding, of course. Mostly. Sort of.) I think Paris seems like a distant memory because we’ve done so much in such a short time. When you dive head first into a new life, it’s easy not to think about the one you left behind. But it’s all there in the photos that clutter my desktop. We were so lucky this year, and maybe that’s why it’s easier for me to simply not think about what we’ve left behind. Cherry blossom season came early, and we arrived in Paris just in time to enjoy its full glory. We spent so many magical mornings on Ile de la Cite, and sunsets on the Trocadero, all pink-hued thanks to the beautiful blooms. We took two sets of photos in this particular location, a worn green bench under a cluster of cherry trees on Ile de la Cite, in a matter of twelve hours. (Our dear friends Anastasia and Federico photographed the first set, which you might remember from earlier this year.) And how could we resist? The city put its best foot forward just for us, it seemed, and we loved every minute of it. Life in Winnipeg is undeniably different. It is peony season now, but the bushes are sporadically placed in front yards rather than public parks. And while I will always love the vintage architecture of my hometown far more than I loved the modern construction in Vancouver, I can’t deny that finding the perfect photo location takes a lot more planning here than it did in Paris. But we’re adjusting, as we always do. If I have learned anything from all the traveling and moving we’ve done, it’s that we are far more adaptable than we believe ourselves to be; that there is no place in the world, no matter how foreign, where we can’t find a way to feel at home. And in the meantime, while we continue to settle in, we have a lot more beautiful Parisian springtime photos as souvenirs of our trip.

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  1. Cherry blossoms are beautiful no matter where you are, and I can relate to the issue of finding the ones in public spaces which seem to be there purely for our outfit photos, rather than the ones situated in front lawns. In my dream life I’ll have a house with a large enough plot of land to allow for my own cherry blossom lined path. Dreams.
    Finding a set of trusty spots for photos where you live is important. We need those go-to spots when our lives aren’t as full as adventure but we still want it to appear so.
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I am 100% confident that any local spots you find for photos will be infinitely better than my go-to “hey, it’s my garage or the side of my house!” I really need to get better about that but it’s just so easy and I’m lazy…

    And it sounds like things are just rolling forward for you two at a fast pace – you’ve got a lot on the go!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. you know, regardless of all that you’ve correctly pointed out, Winnipeg is a pretty unique and cool looking spot, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!! 🙂

  4. SO excited to see this dress, it’s an absolute fave of mine (fell in love with it via Insta immediately) + I can see it styled countless ways! And it looks absolutely gorgeous on you as well! As for getting settled anywhere?! Couldn’t agree more! Thrilled to hear things are moving along for you guys in Winnipeg. New home, Ian’s job and I’m looking forward to seeing all the new locations you come up with… I have feeling I’ll LOVE all the vintage architecture! <3

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