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Fashion blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera walks through the ruins of Fort Garry in Winnipeg wearing a Uniqlo camel coat and Raye patent ankle bootsPortrait of Winnipeg fashion blogger Cee Fardoe at Fort Garry wearing Celine Audrey sunglasses and an Anthropologie Bonnie beretCanadian fashion blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera wearings a Uniqlo camel coat and Zara grey jeans at Fort Garry in WinnipegOutfit details on fashion blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera, including Ray patent leather boots and a Cuyana tote bagWinnipeg fashion blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera walks outside Fort Garry wearing a Uniqlo camel coat and an Anthropologie beretUniqlo coat (similar)
Le Chateau sweater (c/o) (similar)
Zara jeans (similar)
Raye boots (c/o REVOLVE)
Anthropologie beret
Celine sunglasses
Cuyana bag

I admit – I deliberately stockpiled outfit photos this past spring and summer, because I knew that winter photoshoots in Winnipeg would be hard. Despite the fact that I grew up in Winnipeg, though, and despite the fact that I learned to drive at the coldest, snowiest time of year, the reality of winter did not set in until winter actually arrived. And while it’s fun to share winter-like outfits from warmer days, it also makes me lament the fact that I can’t wear most of my favourite clothes right now. So in an effort to resign myself to reality, I will be sharing more outfits that reflect that I’m really wearing this winter – starting now.

I don’t have a practical bone in my body, at least when it comes to getting dressed. We all know that. So yes, I have been wearing heels this winter. It means that sometimes I have to tiptoe across patches of ice in my path, but I am willing to suffer that much to wear shoes I feel great in. (Some days, anyway. Some days, I reach for my flat, fur-lined boots.) And yes, I do still go without gloves sometimes. I shouldn’t. But it’s not intentional. I’m just having trouble getting into the habit of remembering I need them. And when I don’t, I suffer for it.

My current uniform consists of a sweater, jeans and boots. If I’m going outside, I had a wool coat, a hat, often a scarf and gloves. And usually, I’m still cold. So, in the interest of full disclosure, I admit; this look is the intersection between how much I’m willing to suffer for fashion and how poorly equipped I am to deal with winter cold. It is the reality of my everyday style at the moment and, while it isn’t what I want to wear every. single. day., I think I’m doing okay.

Happy Friday, my friends!

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  1. It’s bitterly cold here right now. I’m watching the morning news as I write this and realizing I basically need to cancel my plans to take Eleanor out for a bit this afternoon because it’s colder than -40 with the windchill. Sigh. I wish my cold weather style was as good as yours – I’ve been loading up on layers and just feel very bulky with it all. Not to mention that my hair is in horrific shape due to near constant hat wearing (my hair HATES hats and hates me when I dare to wear them).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. This looks like a very perfect and very stylish winter outfit for me. Being practical stinks, but I find myself wishing for a pair of (the cute) Ugg boots more and more as winter wears on – and we are only really at the beginning – ugg. (Is that how they got their name?!)
    As for remembering gloves, I’ve been putting mine in my bag rather than my coat pockets, since I’m more apt to wear a different coat day to day, but if i switch bags, i switch everything. when it comes to smaller bags I just keep them next to it.

  3. I thought it was Winnipeg! It’s so neat to see a stylish take on winter in these shlubby bitter weeks! Thanks for the pick-me-up ☺️

  4. Cee, first & foremost, thank you for the delightful Skype & wine date. Was so lovely to catch up and definitely the highlight of my week!! <3 Hope you two enjoyed a fantastic dinner. Hello, to Ian! As for surviving the cold? It's a balance for sure, even here in Vancouver! I'm quite certain I need an arsenal of gorgeous coats, and sweaters, because my "passion for fashion" tends to wane this time of year. It's hard! Practical shoes + clothes have never been my strong suite. Nevertheless, I love your version of compromise, and your outfit is absolutely gorgeous. Happiest weekend friend!! xo

  5. You do look great, though! And super French, actually, in that gorgeous UniQlo coat and black beret!

    In terms of extra layers, have you tried heat-tech from UniQlo? It’s what I always reach for now, when it gets too cold – and I grew up with woolly underwear in Norway! Heat-tech is super thin but warm, you can get it in black, white and grey ;-P and it won’t ruin the shape of whatever else you’re wearing.

    • I’ve see heat-tech so many times but never when I lived somewhere where it would be necessary. Now that you mention it, I’m going to have to pick some upon my next trip to Uniqlo, it will probably prove to be exactly what I need!

  6. You definitely make winter fashion look stylish! I love the whole look together and might dig out a similar look for tomorrow.
    Ha – I’m pretty impractical about winter shoes as well and have been wearing heeled boots throughout the winter.

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