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Winnipeg fashion blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera walks the streets of The Exchange District wearing a Uniqlo camel coat and carrying an APC half moon bagOutfit details on Canadian fashion blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera, including an ASOS grey wool scarf and APC half moon bagPortrait of fashion blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera wearing an ASOS wool scarf and Celine Audrey sunglassesOutfit details on fashion blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera, including an APC halfmoon bag and Adidas Stan Smith sneakersWinnipeg fashion blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera walks in the Exchange District in Winnipeg, wearing a Uniqlo camel coat and Levi's 501 skinny jeansUniqlo coat (similar)
H&M sweater (similar)
Levi’s jeans
Adidas sneakers
APC bag
ASOS scarf
Celine sunglasses
Keltie Leanne Designs ring (c/o)
Madewell rings

Yesterday, I went outside for five minutes and got caught in such a cold gust of wind that I found myself unexpectedly weeping icy tears. I never thought I would wax poetic about a time of year when it was warm enough to have bare ankles as long as I wore a coat and scarf, but life is full of surprises. After a few week of mild, if not actually pleasant weather, another cold front has rolled in and we’re back in the deep freeze. Just this morning, I spotted a sundog glinting outside my window. (For those of you who don’t live just south of the Arctic, a sundog is a rainbow caused by ice near the sun – in other words, it’s a beautiful sign that it’s extremely cold outside.) I won’t bother to tell you the actual temperature because frankly, it’s too dismal to write down.

It’s cold out and I’m repeating myself. But to be honest, it’s hard to find inspiration to share anything much more exciting when you’re living in layered sweaters while all of your favourite, seasonally impractical clothes languish in your closet and you’re relying on a backlog of photos from previous year to remind yourself as much as everyone else that you do still know how to dress yourself. I know, I know – I’m making things sound very dire. They aren’t really. In fact, they aren’t at all. But it’s been a long week with a few disappointments and a little bit of warmth would go a long way to buoying my spirits, I think.

The good news is, it’s Friday. It’s still cold, of course. But if nothing else, four o’clock will come and it will be accompanied by a glass of wine. The countdown is on! Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.

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  1. It’s grimly cold again here too (and very snowy…I have a day that involves lots of driving and I’m sitting here dreading the road conditions as I sip my coffee). I can’t wait for this week to end and I hope your next week is better too!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Firstly, I love seeing outfits paired with sneakers, because I’m in mine 24-7. And preach girl, preach. Raincouver has been as dismal as ever and I’m over it. But also thankful that I don’t have to commute for work, and can instead, work from the comforts of home. Yay! And icy tears you say? Oh my gosh, that sounds crazy cold and I can’t even imagine. Let’s hope better weather returns for us both + enjoy that wine, I’ll be there soon too!! xo

  3. It is actually freezing in London too with no sign of it getting even a little bit warmer over the upcoming weeks. I’m so bored of my winter clothes now and would do anything for it to be warm enough for ankle jeans as well.

  4. I know your pain, and any exposure in the cold air feels like too much, like you go out and want to hold your breath. I know I do when I’m just running out to grab the mail or some other small errand. Because if I don’t breathe in that air then maybe it won’t be so bad.

    I have my fingers crossed for a reprieve tomorrow, a bare ankle would be nice.

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