Valentine’s Day at Holt’s Cafe

Givenchy dress via Holt Renfrew
Manolo Blahnik heels via Holt Renfrew
Chloe bag via Holt Renfrew
La Vie Parisienne earrings (similar)
Make-up by Ashley Erin
Very special thanks to Holt Renfrew for partnering with us on this project

With my departure from Vancouver coming up in just three short weeks, I am making an effort to spend as much time with the wonderful friends I’ve made in my time here. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, we have the perfect excuse to celebrate. Valentine’s Day as a celebration of romantic love has never been my thing – Ian and I have had some hilarious mishaps when trying to celebrate, but never a traditional date. To be honest, I’m happy with a box of chocolates purchased on February fifteenth once the fanfare is over and everything has gone on sale. The thing is, there are a lot of opportunities for couples to celebrate, but friendship rarely gets the kind of festivities it deserves. Lyndi and I have been partners for the past three years, working, travelling and blogging together. It’s hard to imagine what this chapter of my life would have looked like without her in it. Holt Renfrew has been a central feature of our relationship since the early days, from shopping dates (spent mostly coveting Chloe bags and smelling all of the Diptyque candles – baies and noisetier are our favourites) to events and interviews. So when the opened the breathtaking new Holt’s Cafe, which is basically instagram heaven with the most delicious food, there was no question of where we would celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. And what better way to celebrate than with all the things we love best – stunning designer dresses from the new spring collections that have just arrive at Holt Renfrew, fresh cut roses, the Chloe bags we have admired for so long and, of course, a glass (or two!) of rose champagne. If you’re in Vancouver and looking for the perfect place to celebrate Valentine’s Day (or any other special occasion), you can’t go wrong with Holt’s Cafe. How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?

Étant donné que mon départ de Vancouver aura lieu d’ici trois semaines, je fais de mon mieux de passer le plus de temps possible avec tous mes amis vancouvérois. Et avec la Saint-Valentin qui approche, nous avons une très bonne raison de fêter. La Saint-Valentin comme une célébration entre amoureux, ça n’a jamais été mon truc – Ian et moi, nous avons eu quelques mésaventures drôles quand nous avons essayé de fêter, mais nous n’avons jamais sorti pour une soirée traditionnelle. À vrai dire, je suis contente avec une boîte de chocolats achetés le quinze février, quand tous les produits de Saint-Valentin sont soldés… ! Nous avons tellement d’occasions pour fêter en amoureux. L’amitié, par contre, se fête beaucoup moins, bien qu’elle mérite autant de célébration. Lyndi est ma complice depuis trois ans; nous travaillons ensemble, nous voyageons ensemble et nous faisons du shopping ensemble. J’ai du mal à imaginer ce chapitre de ma vie sans elle. Et Holt Renfrew, c’est notre grand magasin ; nous y faisons du shopping (c’est-à-dire, nous admirons des sacs Chloé et choisissons des nouvelles bougies Diptyque – elle aime baies, tandis que moi, je préfère noisetier), nous y assistons à des soirées et nous y faisons des entrevues. L’ouverture de l’incroyable Holt’s Café – un lieu hyper photogénique avec des plats de merveille – a eu lieu il n’y a pas longtemps donc il n’y avait aucune question d’où nous allions fêter la Saint-Valentin cette année. Et comment mieux fêter qu’avec toutes les choses que nous adorons – des belles robes créatrices provenant des collections printemps/était qui vient d’arriver chez Holt Renfrew, des belles roses, les sacs Chloé dont nous n’en lassons pas et, bien sûr, des coupes de champagne rosé. Si vous êtes à Vancouver et vous hésitez sur le lieu de votre célébration de Saint-Valentin, vous ne pouvez pas vous tromper chez Holt’s Café – moi personnellement, j’en ai un énorme coup de coeur. Comment allez-vous fêter la Saint-Valentin cette année ?

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  1. Marble and white and silver and designer goodies, it does sound like the perfect spot to celebrate, for anyone, but especially a blogger 😉
    Celebrating with your best friends is the perfect way to make Valentine’s a day for lovers into a day for love – which is what it should be. Just like any other holiday, letting the important people in your life know that they are loved and appreciated.

    And that bag!!!!
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Oooh, I’ve been SO excited for these photos!! All the instagram peeks have been to die for, and I’m thinking… aside from our wine date, maybe we need to have a Holts send off too!!! Martin has acting classes on Mondays now on Beatty and I’d be happy to hitch a ride, let’s discuss when I see ya, k?!! <3 And honestly Cee, love every detail off this amazing collaboration from the location, to the dresses and shoes. Swoon, swoon! Hope your Monday is off to a great start lovey!! xo

  3. You both look beautiful and the location couldn’t be more stunning. My husband is never home on Valentine’s Day but will be this year. With two kids under 3, however, I have a feeling there won’t be much celebration aside from mass chocolate eating.

  4. I always love when you two do these. It’s something I’m going to miss <3 The first, third and last photo of you two are absolutely fabulous. Love the closeup of the purses. That solid color one is gorgeous. I love diptyque candles. They are the best. The day after Valentine's is the best time to get candy. HaHaHa

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