Beautycounter Brightening Spa Set

A line-up of cosmetics captured by Winnipeg beauty blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera, including the Beautycounter brightening spa setFlatlay featuring Beautycounter face oil, Beautycounter face mask and Chanel blush, captured by Winnipeg beauty blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & VeraThe Beautycounter brightening spa set, as captured by Winnipeg beauty blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & VeraBeautycounter Brightening Spa Set

I am loathe to say the words fall skincare. Never mind winter skincare. After all, this is only the first week of September. But in the past few weeks, temperatures have been cooler. Days have been breezier. And I admit, despite the fact that I’ve been working out just as much, eating just as well and using my usual arsenal of skincare products, the skin on my face has been looking duller. It’s inevitable, really. September is usually when I start thinking about cold weather skincare. Winnipeg is a cold, dry place and the battle to keep my skin hydrated requires nothing less than constant vigilance. So this week, I pulled out the big guns: the Beautycounter Brightening Spa Set.

I discovered Beautycounter a few years ago. The brand’s mission is to provide safer beauty and skincare products. I admit this isn’t always a priority for me, as I’ve found natural skincare products to have uneven results – and often, to contain more ingredients I’m allergic to than less natural ones. (Nature and my skin are at odds, sadly.) But I can’t argue with the results I get from Beautycounter – I love everything in their skincare line that I’ve tried so far and their cream blush is my everyday go-to. So it’s an added bonus for me that they focus so seriously on keeping harmful chemicals out of everything in their collections.

The Brightening Spa Set, one of three from the new Beautycounter + collection, contains three key products; a facial mask, a facial mist and a facial oil. I love the luxury of at home masks – they’re a near-daily ritual for me at this point. I normally use facial mist in the summer, switching it out for a few drops of facial oil mixed into my moisturiser in the fall and winter. But I wanted to use the whole set together for optimum results and I love how it works so far!

The impending arrival of fall and winter doesn’t excite me. At all. I can hear the wind whistling outside as I type this and it just seems too soon. But on the bright side, I know that thanks to Beautycounter, my skin is prepared for whatever harsh conditions this cold season throws at it. And with temperatures below minus 40 celcius to come, that’s saying something…! (Yes, Winnipeg really gets that cold.)

How do you prepare your skin for the fall and winter months?

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  1. Sounds like a great set!

    Around this time of year, aside from ramping up on hydrating and moisturizing products, I also rely on brightening and radiance-boosting masks and serums to even out skintone and eliminate any dullness, and to undo any damage from too much sun.

  2. Firstly, you’re the flat-lay master. These photos are SO beautiful Cee! Also… totally forgot about the harsh winters in Winnipeg. Yikes minus 40?! Hard to imagine, I’m already whining when it hits zero. Haha! 😉 As for beauty counter? Sounds divine + something my dry skin would love as we approach the colder months! xo

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